Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well its about time to finally kick this blog off...

I got back into wargaming about 4 years ago (2005) after a 10+ year hiatus, going to college, starting my career and family. While passing through a hobby store, I caught site of a group of guys playing a WWII miniatures game of Flames of War and I got the wargaming bug again. No one else seemingly had Russians, so that's what I started out to build and paint. I had a great time building and painting them perhaps some other time. Since my time is not as free as I'd like I was able to game about once a month or every other month, and had a lot of fun. WWII was always one of my favorite periods, but is just one of the many eras of history that I enjoy. Steve from the Dallas Thursday Night Irregulars introduced me to a set of rules called Might of Arms, for wargaming Ancients/Medieval battles. Ever since my first game, I've been inspired to build/paint an army for myself. My first Early Teutonic Knights army themed for the Baltic crusades and battle of Lake Peipus in 1242. Unfortunately my painting/gaming time has been very limited over the last few years, so I've not made much progress....but here are the first results:

Knights from the Osterode Komtur (Komtur - Teutonic for area of control/fief)

Knights from the Komtur of Danzig:

And the unit commander:

The whole unit of Knights...

Most of the riders are Gripping Beast, and all the horses are from Mirliton (I can't stand GB's horses). Since starting the project I've learned that the medieval period is not quite as popular for Might of Arms and other rules, more people are seemingly interested in the Ancients or Dark Ages periods. Oh well...I'll still have fun painting up the army over time, but I've started collecting for a couple of Dark Age armies in hopes of getting in a game. More on that in future posts. :D